Tuesday, 3 May 2016

PPP Is Water Management - Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd

It is not a far stretch to state that most government systems have fallen short  to deliver the desired level of service to citizens due to lack of accountability in water management. That is why it is time to look at companies like Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd (VIL) who won two major awards in the sector at the recent World Water Leadership Congress & Awards to be given opportunities to play a part.

Simply put, the Government lacks the financial and technical resources to implement complex infrastructure projects. If we have learnt anything from the past is that government systems have failed to deliver desired level of services to the citizens owing to the lack of accountability in the system.

With the PPP module, which VIL India endorses, the company could bring about accountability.  A private entity brings in the investment with a long term commitment for the project ensuring performance and maintenance of required service standards.

The company won the presitigious Water Reuse Project of the Year and Mr Arun Lakhani, VIL’s chairman and managing director won the award for Outstanding Contribution to Water. VIL provides global solutions that contribute to sustainable development in the water sector through innovation in the design, construction and operation of drinking water treatment plants, distribution system reforms, etc.

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